walking for days

Ciao Ciao!

I can officially say week one is done! That went by so quickly. Wow. And I have a lot to catch up on! So let’s get started…

We have done so much walking, sometimes I feel as though my feet are going to fall off when I get home. Sitting is so amazing, oh my gosh. We walk about 5-8 miles a day. I’ve got my route home somewhat memorized so that is good! I’ve gotten good at the Metro; it’s so convenient, I wish Austin had something like that… Milan just has wonderful public transportation in general. A+ guys.

We had class on top of the Duomo on Wednesday. That was a pretty amazing experience. Walking up like 20 flights of stairs was not fun and my legs were not happy. Once we got to the top, it was worth it though! You could see the whole city and then some. We had a discussion about the Futurist Manifesto and drew some arches.


The longest walking day was 8 miles, and we went to the Museo del Design 1880-1980, and MUDEC, a branch of La Triennale di Milano. MUDEC had an exhibit we say called, “Sempering,” here’s a quick summary of what that word means from their website:

Sempering; gerund of the verb “to semper”. In architecture and design, a constructive action on a material (zʼɛmpərɪŋ); gerund of the verb “to semper”. In architecture and design, a constructive action on a material or component that leaves a significant trace in the end product. Neologism from the surname of the German architect Gottfried Semper, 1803-1879, author of Der Stil in den technischen und tektonischen Künsten, 1860-63.

That exhibit was beautiful. It reminded me of some projects we did in 3D Foundations. I especially loved the weaving design showcased.

Before we went to the Sempering exhibit, we stopped by the Museo del Design, which featured lots of chairs dating from–you guessed it–1880-1980. Beautiful chairs! My goodness, some of them were just amazing, from the detail in the weaving of the seats, to the creativity of the chairs from contemporary times.

Thursday was a free day, because of the Independence Day festival. So, I caught up on my sleep, went grocery shopping and clothes shopping. Lovely day!

Then today, Friday, we had a lecture at the IES building, and our first Italian language class. Thank goodness too, because I’m tired of giving people blank stares when they try to talk to me!! I can spell my name in Italian and that’s kinda cool! Their alphabet doesn’t have J,K, W, or X. The more you know!

After class, we had a break and then headed to La Scala for an Opera! I’ve never seen an opera and boy was it something. We got all dressed up, made our way to La Scala, in the rain. The theatre is so so so beautiful! Just imagine red velvet and gold filigree everywhere. We watched two plays, both in French. One was about a clock maker and his wife and her many lovers–not my favorite, but still good. Then the second one was about this sassy, yes sassy, young boy who is rude and gets taught a lesson when his everyday objects come to life and talk to him. No of his objects like him. The set for that was very surreal, everything was super big compared to the people. I loved it!

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to sleep in! Yay! I’ve got to do the boring housework things like laundry and cleaning, but I hope to get out and explore a bit. On Sunday we are going to Venice for a day trip, so I will have more pictures from that!

Bye for now!

Bonus pic:




One thought on “walking for days

  1. Oh my gosh Maddie! What a great, fun and educational experience! I’m so happy that you are enjoying it. Miss you honey, but thrilled that you are having such a fantastic adventure!


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