wherefore art thou romeo

Yesterday, we got lost. We missed our train and got lost. It was fun, though! (kinda…not really) A group of us decided to go to Verona yesterday instead of Venice. Why you say? Because tickets were cheaper and we wanted to see a small city. Some of the girls decided to go to Venice today, but I had too much homework to catch-up that I was starting to feel stressed about it. Plus, I needed some alone time. It’s good for the psyche. Right? Anyways, yes I know I’m in Italy, and I should have gone, should have just pushed through the blisters and the aching legs. But I decided not to. Instead, I am taking today to recharge for the week ahead. This is the only day of the whole trip where I could possibly not do anything with no consequence.  I keep telling myself that it means I just have to come back!

Yesterday, however, was busy! We got train tickets to Verona, the city of love, some say. I’d say it is most famous for the being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We visited the balcony that Juliet called down to Romeo in Shakespeare’s, and saw her family house.

photo of Juliet's balcony

Juliet’s Balcony

Casa di Giulietta

On Saturday, we walked around the design district of Milan called Brera. We walked around a bit, saw some neat shops, and found an art store! I got some new markers so that I can sketch on the go. We have to keep a sketch notebook for the class with a theme, and my theme is children’s clothing. So I get to be super creepy and sneakily take pictures of kids in cute clothes to draw later. Yes, I feel weird about it. The kids here really do dress so cute, though! No gym shorts and old t-shirts to be seen.

After exploring on our own a bit, we hopped on the subway to a cafe that Wes Anderson designed called, Bar Luce. Here’s a bit about it:

Designed by film director Wes Anderson, Bar Luce recreates the atmosphere of a typical Milanese cafè. In keeping with the interior design, the seats, formica furniture, floor, veneered wood wall panels and the range of colors employed are reminiscent of Italian popular culture and aesthetics from the 1950s and 1960s, echoing artistic decisions Anderson made years earlier for his short film Castello Cavalcanti.

They had the best food as well! It was truly like we stepped into another time. It felt like a movie set or something. He designed everything down to the sugar packets (which I kept btw)


The bar/cafe, is at Fondazione Prada, which is what they call a “cultural institution.” It’s like a modern art museum, but not. Kinda hard to explain, but they had beautiful grounds, which was completely different than the city view I have been seeing a lot lately. I loved the little squat trees they had too. We tried to figure out how they did that, or what kind of tree it was, but couldn’t figure it out.

IMG_8378 IMG_8384 IMG_8374

Well, that is all for now. New week and class tomorrow! Thanks for reading!



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