sketch notebook pt.I

My sketch notebook theme has changed a few times since we arrived in Milan. At first, I wanted to focus on shoes. I had noticed that Italians wear nicer shoes on the everyday. But then I thought I might get bored of drawing shoes. From shoes, I decided to focus on children’s clothes. But I felt creepy taking pictures of kids to draw later or staring at kids to sketch them. Children in Milan are also dressed so nicely. The are little fashionistas. I was inspired by Humans of New York’s “micro fashion” segment that he shares every week. After I had decided it might be difficult for me to capture exactly what I wanted about my travels through children’s fashion, I decided to change my theme for the third and final time!

Now, I am focusing on chairs. After visiting a lot of designers studios, I noticed that chairs were very important for design. Many designers, designed their chairs, which I was surprised by. Even architects designed chairs! So I started y sketching so designs from the Castiglioni Studio visit and took off from there. I’ve started to notice chairs everywhere now. Designers tend to think about every aspect of the chair, of course, because they are designers! But I have noticed that the mass produced chairs are less comfortable. Their main purpose other than being sat in is usually storage-ability. That is an interesting way to think about designing a chair. It is an important factor for institutions such as museums, schools, restaurants, and anywhere that could need chairs to be stackable, or collapsible.

The Castiglioni and Terragni chairs, however, were designed with other things in mind. Comfort level being one of them. Castiglioni designed a chair that had one leg, which balanced on a half sphere. It had a bicycle seat for a seat as well. The object of this chair was to be uncomfortable. It was designed to keep people on the phone for less time. Phone calls were expense back then, so he wanted to make sure no one talked for long. Terragni, on the other hand, created dynamic and comfortable chairs. He thought of the curve of the back and the angle of recline for sure. The metal bar in the sketch of the chair below had a nice springiness to it that made it quite comfy.  The other sketch of the chair pictured was plush and soft. Shaped like a cube, this chair allowed the sitter to rest their arms comfortably while still supporting the back. A+ designer chairs!!




This past weekend in my travels to Edinburgh, Scotland, I found lots of older style chairs. I took tons of pictures so I can fill up my sketchbook with the royalty worthy chairs of Scotland.



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