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Entrance to W.Women in Italian Design

Entrance to W.Women in Italian Design

This was by far my favorite exhibition that we have been to thus far. This exhibition was especially important and memorable to me because it gives me validation and representation as a woman in design as well. Although I may not be 100% Italian, I was excited and proud to see this exhibition so prominent at the Triennale. Since design has been, and in some cases, still is dominated by men and the male perspective, it gave me great joy to see women represented at such a level. To have a whole exhibition solely focused on women in design is a powerful movement for the design world.  Many times in the past, women’s work was subsumed under a male peer’s name, withholding the recognition women deserved.

The beginning of the exhibition immediately caught my attention. I was so pleased to see so much craft work, so much design with fibers!! I, myself am an avid crocheter (that’s with a hook, not two needles), and was overjoyed by giant doilies hanging from the ceiling, and various crochet sculptural objects on display.

First view when entering exhibit; giant doilies hanging from ceiling

The first view when entering exhibit; giant doilies hanging from ceiling

My mind was going a hundred miles an hour after walking through the first part of the exhibit. I was thinking of all the ways that I could incorporate crocheting, yarn, and fibers into my senior design project. The validation that came from seeing something that I only thought as my hobby, in a museum, was inspiring.

After that experience walking through the dark room with my favorite things in it, I came into a large and airy hallway type room that showcased hundreds of designs from women. I never knew that so much design came out of Italian women! My mind now was thinking about so many things! If these women did it, and it’s in a museum, then I can do it for my senior project, surely.

View of second part of exhibit

View of second part of exhibit

Overall, this made my inner feminist leap with joy that these women achieved such recognition for their talents and innovations. I believe that the society we live in now is getting better about giving credit where it is due, but it could still use some improved. Way to take a step in the right direction, Triennale! Brava!


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